Apprentice Training

Would you like to become a Baile con Sazon studio Black Belt Salsa® Apprentice?



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Please complete the following ten (10) tasks:
We base our Apprentice decisions on how well you follow directions.

Click the links below:

  1. Student Orientation Packet and Manual (BcS differs in some aspects than BBS Colorado)
  2. Please watch Apprentice Orientation video below:

  3. Monthly Apprentice fees are $50 and includes 2 hours per week of training with your Sensei and:Benefits of apprenticeshipApprentice5
  4. Once you have completed the above… Read below for your first Clue.
    There are six (6) Clues total to complete, two (2) Clues are here on this page, and the remaining four (4) Clues are inside your Apprentice Contract.
  5. Please email your Black Belt School Sensei ( the answers to the following questions:

Clue #1 of 6:

  • Question #1: “How many hours per week do you spend training with your Sensei and fellow Apprentices for your currently monthly Apprentice fee?
  • Question #2: If there are five weeks in a month, how much money per hour are you spending to learn how to dance and teach Salsa and make good money on the side teaching privates and small / medium size groups, weddings, parties, dance gigs, and corporate events and YOU keeping 100% the money you earn? (no percentages required to BBS nor your Sensei unless you use the studio $5)
  • Question #3: What is your telephone number?

Clue #2 of 6:

  • Your Apprentice Contract:
    Contact your Sensei via email for delivery of your BBS Apprentice Contract and McCoy login details.

The Remaining 4 Clues are in your Apprentice Contract.

8. Once you have read, agreed to terms, and have followed the Clues inside your Apprentice Contract, please print and sign your contract, and hand deliver to your school Sensei             at your first Apprentice Team Training Session. Please ask your school Sensei for Login details to McCoy.

9. Apprentice Training Materials After you receive you McCoy login details, please study this section of McCoy (BBS Video Library) using a Firefoxbrowser for best               results.

10. Finally, please contact your Sensei via email or phone to let them know you are “Good to Go!”



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